DH FTP to DreamObjects

DH is in a hurry for me to move data that I have stored for years in DH FTP accounts to DreamObjects storage. But I’m having my difficulties figuring out this DO stuff.

From my Panel, it looks like I have successfully created a couple users and a bucket or two within the users in a DreamObjects eval. However, the object loader from the panel won’t let me drag files in from WIN 10 windows explorer connected to the ftp site. Can’t figure out how to mount an ftp site to a drive letter in Windows 10, so I can’t use Dreamobject’s loader’s “Select Files”.

DH tech support told me this issue “appears to be OS specific. We can’t really troubleshoot third-party issues.” Funny, I thought I was trying to get their DH loader to work.

But they gave me some links to some other client software to try.

The first link leads to instructions for software (Strongsync) that has been replaced by ExpandDisk.
The second link leads to ExpandDisk that wouldn’t install on my Win 10 machine, or give any explanation why.
That leaves CrossFTP. I tried to set up CrossFTP with my new Dreamobjects buckets as described in the third link. I have a user prosservideo with bucket currentfiles, but the DH instructions say Label: DreamObjects <Bucket_Name_Here> (In this example, the bucket name is ‘bucketexample’.) while the image shows label as DreamObjects. I used my bucket name, access key and secret, but on CrossFTP site manager connect, CrossFTP says “No bucket is found in your account.” This may be caused by any of the following reason. 1. You have no permission to list buckets. 2. Username or password is not correct. 3. Network connection error. 4. You have not created any buckets before. Press New Folder to create bucket.

I found a forums discussion the mentioned that maybe the s3 connection port should be 443 rather than 80 that is shown in the DH article screen shot, but that didn’t help me.

It looks like I was able to use CrossFTP to connect to one of my DH FTP accounts, at least.

What did I get wrong with CrossFTP?

Or is there a better way to migrate from DH ftp to DreamObjects?

Sorry for the issues. The DreamHost panel and its drag-and-drop file manager won’t work with dragging from a remote FTP site, and only with local files. If it isn’t working with files local to your computer that has the browser on it, that is definitely something we would want to know.

If the files are already on the webserver, let us know what files you want copied, to what bucket(s) (please create the bucket(s) first) and directories to put them in, and put it in a support ticket and we can do it for you.

If you wish to do it yourself, there are command line tools you can use in SSH so you can directly copy from webserver to DreamObjects. The easiest to use would probably be boto-rsync:

but there are others that have more features as well.

I’m not exactly sure why ExpandDrive wouldn’t work with Windows 10 for you, but we can play around with it some. It definitely does support Windows, and Windows 10 has been around long enough to make support for it.

I replied to you via a ticket about connecting with CrossFTP. If those instructions work, I would be happy to know where the documentation lead you wrong so we can fix it up.

The port being 80 or 443 shouldn’t matter, I’ve tested both. Generally though it should just default to 443 and secure is good for these things.