DH Forum timing out and mysql 404


Hey I’ve been having a really strange problem on my home cable connection. Most of the time discussion/wiki/panel.dreamhost.com will time out but I can still access them from my phone. The traceroute has the connection getting to bok.dreamhost.com and then timing out. My ISP claims that there’s nothing on their end. Any other ideas?

The reason I wanted to get here is because I can’t access phpMyAdmin through mysql.domain.com I just get a 404 error which I thought was usually because the DNS wasn’t correctly setup but I’ve double checked those and they are the appropriate ns1.dreamhost.com etc as expected since I purchased the domain when I created my account with you weeks ago.

I’m trying to access the insecure http version because I can’t seem to ssh into my domain. My connection gets refused trying to ssh into my TLD, trying mysql.domain.com gives me a connection but refuses my password. I have set my user to have shell access and reset my password to ensure it’s correct.

This has all come about because an installer failed to create the required tables, whether that was because it’s mysql connection was also refused I’m not sure.

Am I doing something stupid in each of these cases? Any help would be much appreciated.



So it turns out the 404 is because I had am currently using my TLD as a cloak rather than fully hosting until the site is actually ready. Can’t see this stated on the MySQL page of the wiki which might be an idea to add but anyway, that will hopefully resolve the rest of my MySQL woes.

Also despite my ISP’s insistence that it’s not something on their end, 12 hours after notifying them of the problem with accessing this subdomain of DH I haven’t had a problem since…


Sounds like you were waiting on DNS propagation!