DH formmail not working :(

Hi folks. I’ve fought for two days on this, have searched these forums and the web for resolution, and I can’t figure this out. I’m trying to make the most basic damn form in the world using the dreamhost-provided formmail and the form DOES submit to the cgi script, the script says its sent the email (to the dreamhost-hosted email address) … and then nothing. The script seems exceedingly fragile! I’ve tried removing fields, parsing down to essentially one field of text, etc. - and I’m not getting any mail at the address with the current form. I HAVE gotten email at the address from the form script when I went down to a single text field, just for experimentation - so I know the email address is fine - but, for example, the script seemed to puke on email addresses (which I took out), even when I was using the “email” option which is apparently something the script specifically parses.

The form in question is at http://regisassign.dreamhosters.com/webform/sssf.htm - could some of you take a look at it? My HTML is so basic in that page… I can’t see why the damn form script isn’t sending the mail on. :frowning:

I leave for Europe in 5 days and I’d REALLY like to get this taken care of for my user before I leave. Thanks!

I’m not sure if this is at all related to your problem, but I’ve always had to use quotation marks to get my forms submitting properly. As long as I use the proper quotation marks, though, the formmail script works as advertised and really quite well.

You can see my form here: http://zodiac.eurotrash.cc/boarding/apply.php – if anything in there helps you? That form has never not sent.

The form works for me if I modify the recipient field to be an address of my own. I get a message from nobody@geronimo.dreamhost.com

I would suggest trying a non-dreamhosters.com address if you can. If it makes a difference I don’t know why.

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