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Have gone through the forum and must say has been very informative overall. I am just looking at starting a dedicated blog using wordpress platform for which i was looking for a host. I had pretty much zeroed in on yahoo until something got me here at DH via lifehacker.

I must confess that i am pretty much new to things tech especially on the hosting front so obviously would prefer a platform which is simple and doesn’t get on my nerve with all that jazz about ‘do this’ and ‘do that’ and 'oh know what have you done - damn you “page cannot be displayed” ’ kinda things.

In brief i JUST want to blog using wordpress on my area of expertise - will DH be worth it? In brief - A host or ghost?

DH should support your needs reasonably well. They have a one-click wordpress install that is really easy to get going with. Obviously how far you want to take it determines just how much work you put into it. But the basics are quite easy here.


You are really totally new to hosting ?

Don’t even have a geocities account or something like this ?

If so http://wiki.dreamhost.com would be great to start.

As said previously, there is a one-click install for wordpress here.

But it would be great to know how FTP works if you want tu host big files for instance.
There are so many features that you will not know how to use them at start, but you don’t have to use all of them.

And you can’t learn hosting if you don’t have any hosting service :wink:

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I recently used the DreamHost ‘one-click install’ interface to install a Wordpress blog for my son. I normally like to install applications manually, but I thought that this time I would try the one-click install.

The entire process was extremely easy, just a matter of selecting the domain/path I wanted to install to, filling in a few text fields for the database then waiting for the email telling me that everything was ready to go, I couldn’t imagine how the process could get much easier.


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Thank you all for your quick replies. Appreciate it.

@ Moua

Yes totally new to hosting - but quite a serial blogger(Swear by wordpress).

Would check out the wiki.dreamhost.com link. Thanks.

Another query i had was with respect to the promo offers. I plan to go in for a yearly insane sub which should cost around $120. By using the Promocode lets say “97Promo” do i get this $97 dollar discount right away or does DH charge me the full $120 and refund $97 back or it just charges me $23 dollars after discount. Clarity would be of help.

Sorry if this sounds an elementary question, but then, i don’t know who it was maybe Socrates or Mike Jagger who said “When in doubt, Ask”.

Anyway in advance Wish you guys a very happy new year.

The promo-code discount is applied immediately, before payment, so in your example you will be billed a total of $22.40 for the 1 year pre-paid Level 1 ‘Crazy Insane’ plan.

Note: The promo-code discount only applies to your first purchase. When your plan comes up for renewal you will have to pay the full plan price if you wish to stay with DreamHost.


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and if you stay with DH, your server space and bandwidth keeps increasing every week (16GB/week). cheers!

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[quote]lets say “97Promo” do i get this $97 dollar discount right away


Yep, or DreamHost’s own birthday code, 9999, gets you $99.99 right away.

They need more support help.
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There are some good bloggers using Wordpress here at Dreamhost. You will be ok. The installation is automatic, and it run well here.

And as Mark said, you just pay the discounted value.

Thank you if you use that code. It was I who created that one. All true $97 codes are the same (double check if the discount is really the one announced in the code name), the only thing that changes is who referred you. In that case it would be me.

Thank you once again and have a nice year!

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