DH Email Stability?

I’ve been a happy DH customer for many years and have a number of domains hosted here, but only for HTTP services. I have had a couple domains that I don’t care much about setup for DH email and I don’t recall any problems.

But now I’m setting up a domain for a client and setting up email with DH just to give them a place to start. If there are issues with their email, I’m going to be hearing about it.

Once in a while I read about issues with email stability here and I really don’t want to start down a path that’s doomed to have issues.

Just how stable are email services here?

How effective is anti-spam/anti-malware protection?

Do DH servers get blocked a lot by major block lists?

Does DH use SPF to validate outbound email?

Does DH offer greylisting on specific email accounts to help identify spam?

Has anyone here had so many problems that they swore off DH email?

I looked at Gmail as an alternative, but that looks pretty flaky and limited. Does anyone see that as perhaps a better alternative to DH email? And Why?

I host my primary email services at Everyone.Net, and we pay as much for that as we do for all of our DH services. If I need to pass my client there or to another specialty house for email services, I’ll do that, but only if we determine that DH services are so unreliable that we need to go through the time and expense to do that.

I know all responses are subjective and I’ll interpret them as such. I’m hoping any notes can be backed up with a reference to specific issues, just to keep this from turning into a FUDfest.


It would be interesting to hear (at least in brief summary) what’s flaky about gmail.

I’ve been using gmail (or more precisely, “google apps for your domain”) for most of my email cos I thought that’s what we are being advised to do, and in light of dreamhost’s encouragement (or at least, implicit encouragement) that we do that.

I do also (for uninteresting reasons) use dreamhost for some email, and one thought I have about that is the following:

when there’s a dreamhost outage, (which happens, but not too often IMO), usually the only question in my mind is “might I have lost any email?”

Dreamhost has never (in 7 years) sent me a message saying “you might have lost email”, and I’m not sure if that’s because I never have lost any, or because it’s not their policy to send such messages. Does anyone know?


In my experience, shared hosts are notoriously bad about email, the same way a multifunction copier/fax/printer might do 2 out of 3 of those functions right if you’re lucky. I don’t know where DH ranks among others in email service satisfaction.

All I can say is that in my searches on this forum I’ve seen people expressing grief about gmail for one reason or another, with perhaps slightly less grief per capita from those using DH email. YMMV I don’t want to get into a hissing match, just get some honest answers to my questions.

If email is absolutely mission critical then I’d think it prudent to source a professional “email-only” host for the mail tasks. Failing that (budget) the GMail alt.

I’ve not had any issues with DH mail personally (at least of which I’m aware) but the status page has had quite a few mail queuing notifications during my time here. GMail is flawless.