DH email server on SORBS "spam" list again

It seems in the last week or so that the DH email server I’m using has been added to the evil SORBS [sorbs.net/] blacklist. I was able to email someone about 1.5 weeks ago fine, but it is now blocked - so either DH’s IP very recently was added to the blacklist or the user’s ISP that I was emailing to just started using the darn system.

This is starting to cause fairly big problems because I’m unable to reply to customer’s support requests, which makes it look as if I’m just not responding period - I have no way of letting them know otherwise since all email is blocked from our hosted email server.

Is there any way of getting the DH IP or even IP block I’m guessing, off of that stupid SORBS list? Is anyone else having problems? Thanks.

First you should contact support and give them the full E_mail header. They’re very good about working to get their servers off spam lists.

For now, you should be able to use your webmail to send the E-mail. The webmail servers use a different IP address and may well go through. Failing that use your ISP outgoing mail server - as long as your settings are right your customer will never know the difference (from name, reply address).

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Ok, will do. Thanks