DH download speeds?

Is it possible to roughly estimate what the average download speed each account is allowed to serve at once? I’m trying to figure out how fast the overall speed for my server will decline when multiple users try and download a file at once.

Like if there’s a 50 MB file. I’ve tested this on my own server and get around 550-600 KB/sec pretty reliably. Which is good, as fast as most things on my cable modem.

But if say 5, 10 or even 20 people were also downloading that file on from my server, I would expect my individual speed to drop…? I only have 1 connection and can’t really test this.

Is there any way to tell roughly what would happen in a situation like this? I know on a VPS, speeds are capped most of the time at something specific. But on a shared host like DH, what happens [since I assume that hundreds/thousands of sites are on a single server sharing the connection]. Without considering those other sites that share my server for this question, is there any way to tell what normally happens and how the bandwidth for my account is divided?


It’s my understanding that speeds aren’t capped - either on a per-user, per-account, or per-site basis.

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