DH Domain Parking - Unlimited (confusion)

Hey all, new to DH.

I have a question about the DH domain parking and I have looked everywhere for an answer :frowning: if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

I currently have 1 .ca domain registered with DH. “mydomain.ca” I’ll call it. That’s all fine, and I know that if I want to add parked domains I need to register them as well.

My question is… why does dreamhosters allow me to keep adding tones of "parked’ domains that I haven’t even registered? I can add "mydomain2.ca’ “mydomain3.ca” “mydomain4.ca” etc. and not pay anything?

The closest answer I have found to explain this is that they arent really parked, they’re just on that list as a bookmark or maybe a reminder if you do want to eventually register it. But the thing I’m confused about is, if I don’t actually own the domain and it’s not even parked, how am I able to add options like redirection paths etc. ?

For example, If i wanted “mydomain2.ca” to redirect to … microsoft.com… it lets me do that. I havn’t even registered mydomain2.ca but it’s letting me redirect it anywhere? It gives me all that control for free? or will it just simply not redirect until I register?

Hopefully that makes sense haha any help would be much appreciated.


DreamHost doesn’t know if you own those domains registrations or not. The catch is that the root DNS servers all over the world know that you don’t, so they won’t send a request for mydomain2.ca to DreamHost to be served.

So while you might have that domain set up here at DreamHost, nobody will get sent to it.

It’s as if you put a phone on your desk and on that little white tag you write a phone number you like and plug the phone in. The phone company knows that the phone number you wrote actually belongs in another house, so they’ll route phone calls to that other house.

You can set that up in the panel and server but unless you own the domain you will never get traffic directed to it.

Why can you even set it up? So that you can prepare a site on a server ahead of actually routing traffic to it.
One example might be that you own say mydomain2.ca and it’s a popular site. You plan to move it to dreamhost and don’t want downtime while you reconfigure the site. You spend weeks setting up and editing the new site, then when everything is tested and ready you log in and make your DNS nameserver changes, which will then cause the domains to start receiving traffic from the internet. (including search engines).

That’s just one common scenario, there are others.

Sure it’s possible to get a limited amount of traffic to the site by switching to dreamhost’s nameservers on the local machine. But every user that wants to visit the dreamhost location of would have to manually change over their names servers or edit their hosts file to get to the site.

conclusion: You can set a domain up on the server without owning it, but unless you can redirect the namesservers you will never get traffic to the site.

Please don’t do that, unless you actually will buy the domain very soon.

If you do, another person buying the domain will not be able to host it on Dreamhost, as it will say it is already in their system. Support will help, but it’s extra trouble. Of course it doesn’t matter if this person will choose some other webhost.

Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated. I am only adding domains I currently have registered, was just curious.