DH does not know reg is gone and sends flakey alarming emails

The basic problem is that when you transfer a registration away from Dreamhost, DH does not (in the cases that I’ve experienced) know that the registration is gone. Also, there is no way in the panel for a customer to tell DH that the registration is gone.

As a result, some considerable time later … and even though you have since renewed the domain with another registrar … when the original expiration time of the domain as of when Dreamhost last knew about it comes up, DH sends you an email which says:

[quote]This is just an FYI that because we did not receive a request to renew it, and because “yourdomain.com” has expired, the domain name has just been deleted from the registry.

Thank you very much for choosing DreamHost!
The Happy DreamHost Domain Registration Team[/quote]

Thank you for being such a flakey registration company. A useful reminder of the impermanence of everything.

(footnote: it is a false alarm; yourdomain.com has not actually been deleted from the registry … hopefully)

Not unique. Godaddy does the same thing. Ignore them. Don’t worry, be happy :slight_smile:

It needs a certain amount of tech savvy … and faith in the system … to be able to be confident that Dreamhost cannot cause a domain to be deleted from the registry in such circumstances, and that the email must be a false alarm.

If you received such an email, would you be able to literally not worry and just ignore it, without even checking to make sure that your domain still exists? If so, I am impressed.

Well think about it… if you moved your domain away from DH, then DH is no longer an issue.

Anyway, now you know. Cheers :slight_smile:

That’s not entirely an appropriate response, cheerful though it may be. I have several domains registered with DH and several registered elsewhere. DH is an issue.

Out of interest,

(a) if you had several domains registered at DH and several registered elsewhere, and if you received an email from DH saying that one of your domains has just been deleted from the registry, would you not worry, be happy, and ignore it?

(b) do you think that if GoDaddy is as bad as DH in this area, it means that DH is OK?