DH + CloudFront

Hi, I’ve got a couple of newbie question regarding using DH + CloudFront.

I signed up to AWS/CloudFront, and set it up in DH panel so I’ve got


properly assigned to my CloudFront account.

I uploaded a test.zip file into that directory. Tried a download from the cloudfront url and it does download faster than from a regular DH dir.

I also tried a download from http://media.mydomain.com/test.zip and it also seems to d/l faster than a regular DH dir.

My question is this: is there some scripting doen so that it’s the same for me to either use media.mydomain.com/file.zip or the crypticsubdomain.cloudfront.net/file.zip ?

Or should I always use the cloudfront url to have the file served from CloudFront?