DH changed my root

Need help fast. I run a news site and need to post up now. DH changed the name of my root file tonight for whatever reason. I need to change it back to what I want. How can I do this without have to repost the entire site of 2000 pages. Changing the name through Dreamweaver didn’t work.

  1. What is the url of your site?
  2. How did you learn that DH changed something on your site?
  3. What are you referring to when you say your “root” file?
  4. Do you know how to use an ftp client or how to log into the shell?


Thanks for the help in advance,

alaskareport.com is the site

/home/.ortega/alaskare/ just popped up a couple of hours ago as the root on the server. It was just alaskareport.com and for whatever reason it is now in ortega…

I’ve been a webdev for years with over 400 clients and sites and I’ve never seen this happen before. Also, I just started hosting at Dreamhost one week ago today.
Thanks Dennis

No problem…

  1. Alaskareport.com presently loads just fine, and all links appear to work.

  2. “/home/.ortega/alaskare/” appears to be a correct path for a Dreamhost user (with the user being alaskare), but I can’t tell for sure as I can’t see your directory structure. Don 't be concerned about the “.ortega” - it is what Dreamhost refers to as a dataglob, and is irrelevant (and subject to change by Dreamhost at any time) for the purposes of managing your site or defining paths. Dreamhost handles dataglobs “automagically” for their own data management purposes, and whenever you are defining or referring to a path you should not include it. If you do include it, it will work fine if/until Dreamhost reconfigures it at which point all of the stuff you have configuredwith the “dataglob” included in the path will “break” till you determine your newly assigned “dataglob” and correct your paths accordingly. Hence, don’t include dataglobs in any of your scripts, paths, configurations, etc.

3)Unless you (or dreamweaver) has done something to modify your directory structure on the server, or you are using something other than a default DH configuration, you should find your site in a directory similar to “/home/alaskare/alaskareport.com”

I still don’t understand what indication you have that Dreamhost changed your “root”, or what you are referring to when you refer to “the root” on the server. The home or “base” directory of a dreamhost user is a directory of the form /home/user where “user” is your user name; /home/user/domain.tld is, unless you have configured it differently from the Dreamhost default, the “root” of a website.

Again, check the full directory structure of your user’s space (/home/user) using an ftp client or by ssh’ing into the shell - don’t trust Dreamweaver’s publishing features to report this accurately.

Does any of that make sense?


When I wrote root I meant the file that is now called “ortega” It did not exist yesterday. The default folder when I set up my site last week was alaskareport.com. So I loaded everything in it and the site woked fine. About two hours ago when I went to post up another page, one of about 30 today, it would not allow me to do it. It is still doing that.

If “.ortega” did not exist yesterday, then “.something” did exist yesterday, and the dataglob changed. All dreamhost user directory paths contain these, but they are handled transparently by Dreamhost, and you should not refer to them in your software configurations. The “.ortega” you are seeing in the path has no bearing on the operation of your site, as described in the link I provided in my earlier post. The evidence of this is the fact that the site still works correctly and all its links are still accurate.

Do not use the “.ortega” (or any previous or subsequent “.something” in that position in your path) in any of your configuration settings for Dreamweaver, ftp clients, scripts, programs, etc. If your Dreamweaver file transfer setting had a “.something” in the path - remove it! (that could cause the upload to fail if the “dataglob” changed!)

I’m with you here, and it still does work just fine, and the alaskareport.com directory is still there, right? (I mean, I can’t see your directories, but your site still loads and you have not changed the directory since you uploaded it, correct?)

It’s unclear to me from your statement there whether you successfully uploaded any pages, and I do not understand what are you referring to when say “It would not allow me to do it”. What is the “it” (Dreamweaver?) and what is the “it” (uploading a file?) that the first “it” is not allowing you to do? What error messages did you receive?

This very much appears to be a dreamweaver file transfer configuration issue. I hate to keep repeating myself here, but again, have you confirmed your current directory structure (especially the existence and location of the alaskareports.com directory) using an ftp client and/or the shell?

If, in fact, you have a directory called alaskareports.com in your user directory (/home/username/alaskareports.com), which is what you should have if you have not renamed that directory or used the DH control panel to reconfigure your domain after you set it up, then just configure Dreamweaver, or your ftp client, to upload your pages to the /home/username/alaskareport.com directory and you are “golden”


Thanks for the help. It is all working fine now. Thanks, Dennis

You’re welcome, and I’m glad it is all sorted!