DH Blocks My Email After Allowing Spammers to Spoof My Email Address

I’ve had problems with my email ever since DH “upgraded” their email servers.

Now however, it’s completely non-functional. I’m receiving thousands of “returned mail” and “Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender” - EVERY day.

None of these returned emails were sent by me - but they do have my email address listed as the sender.

After my complaints, what does DH do? Blocks me from sending legitimate emails. Nearly a week of trying to get DH to fix this and I still cannot send email but continue to receive incredible numbers of returned email.

My business is suffering and DH is non-responsive.


Message to Support
My address spoofed blocked!
Message #: 8304948
Time: 2018-08-14 06:04:15

This is URGENT. I cannot send email because it is blocked. Someone is sending emails using my email address. Thousands of emails are being sent but NOT from me. I have been a customer for nearly a decade. I expect this to be corrected today. I have been unable to send email for over a week!!!


Message to Support
Blocked email
Message #: 8299348
Time: 2018-08-08 19:56:25

Over the past few days I’ve received hundreds of “Mail Delivery System… Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender” These are emails that I did not send [See example 1 below].

Today, I saw 3 emails that I DID send, but were returned. [See below example 2]

As of now I can receive email but cannot send because I am apparently labeled a “spammer.”

In addition the web panel for Buchanan.org is NOT secure. Obviously someone is sending out spam using my email address.

This needs to be fixed immediately.

BTW - I never had problems like this before DH moved my email to the “new” email server.

Now DH sez all’s well with the email server?

“August 13, 2018 10:25AM PDT… This incident has been resolved, and systems are fully operational…”

Well I’m on email-sub0 and it’s NOT resolved!

And please DH, do not tell me to send in another "ticket. " Try responding to the tickets I’ve already sent. They are the same issue.


DreamHost Status - All Systems Operational [No they are not!]

Webmail connectivity and performance issues.
August 13, 2018 7:59AM PDT

Webmail connectivity and performance issues. Partial Service Disruption
Incident Status - Partial Service Disruption

Components - E-mail, Webmail

Locations - email-sub0, Core Services

August 13, 2018 7:59AM PDT [Investigating] We are currently investigating connectivity and performance issues with our Webmail service. We will continue to monitor the situation and will be posting periodic updates as further information becomes available.

August 13, 2018 9:01AM PDT [Monitoring] The Technical Operations team have pushed out a fix, and are now monitoring the situation to ensure we’re back in a fully operational state. We’ll update this post when we’re all clear.

August 13, 2018 10:25AM PDT [Resolved] This incident has been resolved, and systems are fully operational. Please contact support via the DreamHost panel if you are still experiencing related issues.

Hi Linda,

Thanks you for contacting us, I apologize for any frustration! I was able to get your open email block tickets escalated over to our abuse/security team to investigate further and they’ll update you accordingly. DreamHost Status is showing correctly, as the email issues on the sub0 cluster yesterday have been resolved. That posted status about connectivity issues did not pertain to the email block issue you are experiencing.

Matt C

Our security team sent you an update with the requested information they need to move the process along, please reply back to them directly for further support,

Matt C

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