Dh = bad service + deception

  1. 97 day gaurantee, after that. your screwed (read the other posts)

  2. they give you growing “storage”, which you are not allowed to use as “storage”??? Bbasically a lie. Its hollow storage.

  3. Customer Service. Um, there is no customer service.

  4. 48+ hours for customer support responses. EMAIL ONLY!

  5. DH is really just a scam once you read closely enough. Once they have received a certain amount of your funds it becomes non-profitable for them and they will find an excuse to drop you (as was the case of my blog and social networking site)

The 97 day period certainly beats all the 0, 15, 30, 60 and 90 day periods out there, doesn’t it?

The rest sounds like you got booted for breaking the TOS you failed to read, then thought crying about it would somehow make a difference.

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Your trailing DH promo code shows you make money off of getting people signed up to DH.

Thus, of course, you are going to say they are great. You make money from signing people up.

TOS? No, but POS… Yes.

don’t reply anymore. Your comments have no validity since you channel people to DH.

Good, that’s one less blog and social networking site cluttering up the Internet.


Nice try, moron, but the promo code pulls the money out of the referral fees. The real money is in referral links, or referring any host that isn’t Dreamhost, where the affiliates make all the money. Not to mention, I’ve been here a lot longer than promo codes have.

But even if it was about money, it wouldn’t make you any less stupid, which is what this thread is about regardless of how hard you try to sidestep it. Nice try, though.

You’re in the position that you’re whining about because you’re an idiot – not because of my promo codes.

Any other failures in your life you’d like to blame on my sig, or is this just the one rare occasion where you don’t take responsibility for your own actions?

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This is sorta funny, tell me your domain and I’ll check your account. If you have not violated our terms of service I will refund your money. We obviously don’t turn everyone off after 97 days for no reason or we would not have any customers! Our main business goal is to get people to renew their service after the first year is up, so your accusation doesn’t make any sense. Our Average Response Time for support over the last month has been 4 hours. (even when submitted in the middle of the night.) 60% of tickets were responded to within the first hour. Some of the longer problems drive up the average.

Maybe you have had a very bad experiences in DH. But I would like to clarify your points.

That is not true. Yes, DH has problems some time. But they do post their problems. 97 day guarantee is 97 day guarantee. That is for you to try out DH.

Could you imagine what would happen if they allow this?

There are few ways to contact DH support.
http://www.dreamhost.com/contact.cgi for all
http://DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support for DH customer

This is 24 hour email support. You can purchase phone support at $9.95 / month if you like.

This is 24 hour email support. You can purchase phone support at $9.95 / month if you like.

Well, let’s go back to you now. What happened to your account?

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When somebody keeps nagging, we should appreciate the hard work you guys have done!

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It is true that it’s difficult to serve up the full 500GB of storage to an actively downloading website and not overload the server. This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. I’m sure that if I uploaded my entire 20 years of digital and digitized photos for download, I wouldn’t overload the server. Heck, no one would notice, I imagine.

Please tell us the whole story. We’re interested in hearing. Please be as objective as possible and try not to spin the story too much.

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The way I look at it if you allowed the account to run more than 97 days, then you like DH. Most people would have closed the account in the first month if it was that bad. The rest would have closed the account sooner.

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You guys are gagging on DH. Blah Blah. Type away loosers.

I could never figure out why losers call people loosers. Care to fill us in? Is it like when retards call people retarts?

Did the promo code in my sig cause your illiteracy, too?

It’s a good thing I clicked this thread because I had no idea that evil promo codes were doing so much damage. I just always assumed that stupid people were already stupid before they got here. How silly of me!

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Why are you still here then?

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I don’t know why you here and what you want to do. If you still refuse to tell us your problem in DH, please shut up.

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