DH Announcement list and Joomla!

Can I somehow combine a DH announcement list with a login form on a Joomla site? Here is what I am trying to do: I want to give visitors the ability to sign up for periodic articles from me by email, (which I already do via an announcement list) and at the same time allow them to access parts of the site for members.

If I use the regular Joomla login module, then I can’t send mass (a relative term, as there will hardly be hundreds) email to people that have signed up for the private area. I want to comply with DH’s anti-spam policy.

Please advise a way to do this so the user only has to sign up once. I have to make it easy on them. It’s what my visitors deserve because everyone that visits my site is intelligent, witty, charming, and a wonderful human being. :slight_smile: