DH and MySQL

Can anyone point out a FAQ or tutorial on using MySQL with one’s DH account? I recently added the feature to my account, but I have had a hard time finding info on how to use it.



From my correspondence with support, I find that MySQL is pretty much unsupported… It would be nice if at least the administrative policies where posted. I think that this discussion forum can provide some pretty good support if people use it…

Hi terrapin -

Unfortunately, databases can be a bit of a complicated topic - it’d be difficult for us to duplicate (successfully) the heaps of information out there. Some of it can be kind of dense, but we can definitely explain it should you find the need to ask questions.

If you’re new to MySQL or SQL in general, I’d check out the following tutorial:


…it’s the best I’ve seen on the 'net so far.

If you get through that okay, and you have some extra bucks to spare, I’d suggest getting the O’Reilly MySQL book (you can find it on Amazon or your neighborhood book store). It goes into more detail, but is still pretty plainly written - as plainly written as a book on the topic can be, at least.

And if all else fails, contact support with your questions or post them here. :>

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Reiighley, I don’t think it’s exactly fair to say that MySQL is unsupported if what you mean is that they won’t teach you how to program it from scratch! Relational database programming is insanely complicated and I don’t really think that it’s a web host’s job to teach you how, any more than supporting Perl means they’re going to start offering programming courses in that. Supporting technologies like this, at least as I see it, means making them available on the system, and answering the occasional tech support query, but not holding your hand from square one.

In terms of learning MySQL – something I’m still struggling with too – the DevShed tutorial Jeff recommended is very good and there’s also a pretty good one on Webmonkey. The Webmonkey one is simpler, so you might want to try that first and then go on to the DevShed one.


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