DH Account security - Logging


I’m just curious - where I can find log-files about successfull and failed login attempts into my DH account? I would exptect it to have login data/time, ip-address, status (success or failure). I’d like to have this info for all account types - main DH web account, SSH account (for SSH, SFTP and FTP) and stats accounts for all domains/sites. Is this possible? How to configure this options? Just to clarify - this is not about login into websites hosted by DH, it’s about DH services logins. You know that it’s all about account security - if somebody learned my password(s) somehow and uses them to login into my accounts - do I have a chance to know about it?


espresso23/DH user

Nothing even remotely like this is available (for me, at least). That’d make for a good Suggestion to at least show "Your last successful login was on DATE from IP ADDRESS."


There is such suggestion - to show last login info so I just voted for it. And I have added my own suggestion - about providing more extensive login history information - hopefully people will vote for it :slight_smile: