Developing replacement site - DNS issues?



I am developing a new site for somebody. They currently have pointing to their existing site (the domain is registered with somebody other than Dreamhost, and the webspace is also non-Dreamhost).

I wish to develop the site in my Dreamhost webspace before switching their domain to point to it. Leaving their old site available until then.

How can I go about doing this? I need to be able to access the site for development purposes, but obviously it’s not accessible via the web browser, beacuse when I put in it not surprisingly goes to the existing site.

Any ideas? I’ve created the domain on Dreamhost. I need to do all the Joomla configuration scripts with “” as the path, so it works when it goes live, but I can’t access the webspace to do this.

Hope you understand what I’m getting at.

Thanks in advance.


Here is a trick to view your site before DNS change. Hope it helps

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Thanks for that. I’d missed that. Working a treat!


You are welcome. I am glad that it works for you.

That article is very popular because a lot of new customers can’t wait for DNS propagation. Thanks to the OP of that article.

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