Developing on a mac

I’m curious how some of the mac users develop their sites locally. Do you use MAMP or XAMPP or are you using a custom install of Apache/Mysql/PHP/whathaveyou or are you using the native installs.

I’m interested in a custom install for development, but want to know if it’s worth it, and what the best way to go about it.

I know this isn’t quite what you asked but I think it might have some relavance for you. If, perchance, you have an extra machine laying around I might have a server environment for you.

Ubuntu 7.04 has a server release at that has one touch LAMP (linux, apache, mysql, php4) install. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews of this!! - City Streets

Hm, I hadn’t thought about that. It would be good to get into using linux, but I was more interested in learning how to manually install the necessary packages myself.

From what I’ve seen in the desktop version of Ubuntu, it’s deathly easy to use and set up. It’s really hard to beat their linux interface. Once you have the server OS installed and running, you would be interacting with it the same as if you were interacting with DH servers therefore the learning curve for linux is minimal.

If this isn’t quite what you had in mind then let it be something for further fun and excitement. - City Streets

Well, you could use MAMP, or even install Ubuntu on a spare box. I run an older B&W G3 for Ubuntu and leave my development to my G4 (yes outdated dual 800MHz but it gets the job done for me). I used to use the Ubuntu* machine as a “staging” server but with the access to high speed internet over the past 9 years it’s not a bother to just set up a subdomain or directory with a host, in our case Dreamhost. So the need for a development platform is negated by the fact that you can develop on Dreamhost itself. If your looking for no FTP access I’d suggest SSH Tunneling, an easy way to accomplish this GUI wise is to use MacFuse and MacFusion to set up the server to act as a networked drive.

As an Apple developer of over a decade, your golden on this platform, we can now be known as more than just Print people!

*When it was staging it was running Yellowdog
MacFusion Usage and Install Instructions -

I’m using the “stock” apache (1.3.x) and perl (sometimes I point to an install of Active State’s perl). PHP has been upgraded to 5.x using Marc Liyanage’s package [1], MySQL is the latest “community server” from the MySQL site [2]. Standard setup for a project has virtual hosting pointing to the subversion working copy as the site root.

Visual Studio & IIS get run in Server 2003 under VMWare Fusion.