Details about WordPress

I’m not sure, because the site’s not very detailed. It says it’s WordPress Optimized, for $8.95 a month including a domain, right? So, with that plan, the 8.95, can I use any Plugin I want? Any additional charge for plugins using the 8.95? Yet at the same time you have DreamHost for 20 bucks also includess Plugins. It just said it was for 8.95, no?

Regular shared hosting for 8.95 gives you your own space. You can install wordpress or any number of content management systems or various web applications of your choice. You have full control over what plugins, themes, etc you want. The 20 bucks is for DreamPress. This is only for managed wordpress application. It is not something an actual web developer would be interested in but someone who doesn’t know much about web development in general and has (or wants to have) a wordpress site without knowing much (if anything) would be interested in something like that…

So what would be the limitations of going with the managed Wordpress application? Also, can we host Wordpress multisite on the managed WP?

Also, if we go with shared hosting are we responsible for updaing PHP MySQL, OS etc

I would think a major limitation would be not being able to host anything else but your one wordpress site for 20 bucks/mo. You couldn’t have separate websites like on shared hosting or vps. I doubt you could use multisite due to the nature of the service, you are only allowed one wordpress site unless you pay for more. With shared hosting you do not update php, mysql, etc. I can’t speak about mysql since I never tried to see if it was possible but I have installed a different version of php under my shared hosting account before so I’m assuming it’s still possible. Eventually DH gets around to upgrading to a stable releases of php and mysql.

IMO, unless you have an existing WP site that has a lot of traffic I would go with shared hosting or vps. If you have a popular WP site and you don’t plan on having anything else, DreamPress might be worth it. Otherwise, shared hosting would be fine if you are just starting out and you might consider vps later.