Desperately Seeking Technical Support!?

Dear DreamHost Customers,
I have been using DreamHost Hosting services for the last couple of years, and I have two active domains and several not so active domains, they are all mine and registered via DreamHost.

Most of my experience with customer service or technical support is like questions about “Spam Emails” or server down or just basics, through their so called “LIVE CHAT”.

However, never I knew the fact that “DreamHost” do not have or do not provide Telephone support unless you buy or a phone support subscriber?.

And, never I knew that the so called “live support” is only if you can log into the control Panel?. And, ofcourse, it goes without saying they do not have any email support, especially if your emails fail or server down, they do not respond to emails that are not registered into DreamHost.

With the above background, imagine you are unable to log into the control panel (if you had two step logging by enabling verification code sent to your email?), so you have no access to email and you cannot log into control panel, and if you cannot log into control panel, there is no way you can make any change, and so, stranded, because live support or phone support or email support is not available?.

If you are in this situation, you will realize that Dreamhost is a Hell, I tried sending emails from google mail or other emails, they out rightly block them, the robots or system rejects all those emails.

Is there any solution this tragedy?, I had already filed a BBB Complaint, I think dreamhost will give a damn about any such complaint, as there are already 16 or more complaints at the BBB, many of them unresolved?.

I got hold of a phone from Domain Registrar, ofcourse that domain registrar is nothing but Dreamhost, that is a costmetic phone, no one ever looks at messages or responds to the voice messages you frantically record or respectfully leave at the voice mail…

Overall, it is a Hell. I am stranded and what the hell is this DreamHost. Unethical, unfriendly and simply UnAmerican, how did the regulatory bodies allow such companies to do business?.

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RE: Improve the ticket system?
DreamHost Customer Support Or Technical Support is a Hell:

Especially if you are unable to log into the control panel or if you’r email server is not working?.

Right now, DreamHost customer support is available only after log into the control panel, but if something goes wrong and if you are unable to log into your control panel, it is almost like the End of the world and that is how dreamhost is designed. They do not respond to emails that are not registered. Live Chat support is not available if you are not logged into their control panel. The online support forum page is only for sales and billing.

I did not realize this HELL until now, because my emails are not accessible and I can’t log into the control panel as I cannot verify the loggin verification code that they sent to emails. If you are unable to access emails, you can’t access control panel (if you enabled the email verification, two step log in option?).

If you ever be in this situation where I am, what you will find with Dreamhost support is nothing but a HELL, they have no phone support, no chat support, and the so called online support forum they display colorfully is only for sales. And, if you have to file some complaint on that page, there is no drop down menu or option to choose tech support or domain support or login issues, all the drop down menu’s are for sales, billing etc.

Almost five days gone since my email access is suspended, I wrote several emails using other emails (like google, and another pvt emails), the dreamhost knocks them out and do not respond because they are not registered emails in the system, and those registered emails are not accessible because of the Dreamhost’s own stupid Icann registrar verification, overall, it is a hell.

Hope someone, a human who works for dream host see this message and contact me immediately to resolve this issue

Well, you can hardly blame Dreamhost for the fact that you didn’t read the TOS before you signed up, can you?

If you google “Dreamhost support” the third link (no scrolling required!) leads to “Contacting Us Methods - DreamHost - DreamHost Wiki” ( where you will read:

Emphasis mine.

So there are other methods that you can use to get support, including a fax number.

Why would they? If that were the case, I could use my address to contact them, pretend to be you, and ask them to delete “my” account. The email address you signed up with is how they verify your identity.

Your DreamHost emails are not accessible, but you didn’t have one of those when you signed up. You need to use the (non-DreamHost) email address you used when you signed up. If that address is no longer accessible to you, you can hardly blame DreamHost for that.

I have never seen this forum. You are reading this in the actual support forum.

DreamHost does not own or operate ICANN. Rather, DreamHost has to play by the rules set by ICANN.

I have never gotten anything but the best of service from DreamHost. I actually wish more companies gave the same level of service that Dreamhost does. Great service, great prices, good support. Of course, I read this paragraph:

in the TOS ( and took it to heart, which means I read instructions fully and don’t just start pressing buttons. I make an effort to understand what I am doing ahead of time. Dig the well before you are thirsty.

I’ve been going through your rants that you’ve posted today, and still cannot comprehend what your EXACT problem is. Most of what you’ve done is whine and complain. I’m sorry you are having problems, but you need to grow up, quit complaining so much, and tell someone—in as succinct and concise a way as possible, and without ranting—what your issue is, or no one may be able to help you.

Kjodle, are you what a mouth piece to dreamhost or work for this company?, before going around and playing with words, let’s see if there is any solution for the problem instead of rhetoric of TOS reading. Every company must have a basic contact method through which one can reach out to them when such things like the control panel, email access are not available. There is nothing new you said that is of any essence or use to resolve the problem.

The basic contact method to use when you cannot contact us via the control panel is the Sales form, and use an email address that works, so you can receive our reply when we write back. We have a strict Account Verification process, but regardless of the email address you use to write in, if you provide information about your account, we can use that to help you regain access.

I do see that you used the Sales form to contact us yesterday. We replied to you yesterday, but I am assuming you did not receive it since the email address you used is a DreamHost email that does not work at this time. If this happens again, and you are aware that your email address does not work, please use a working email address. I also noticed that you created another account today to contact us, which is not encouraged .

The contact form you used is not only for Sales/Billing. You’re welcome to choose “Other” any time your issue is not related to one of the topics listed in the dropdown (e.g. tech support assistance).

That said, I do see you’re in LiveChat now being helped, and our Account Verification team is also assisting you via email. If you have any further issues please communicate them directly via your email reply. Thanks!

I am having trouble accessing an account and went through all the account verification steps via email. Cannot access the account because the email address tied to the account has been deactivated and the password recovery email goes to a deactivated account. Taking 24 hours to respond to an email is just really sad and bad business in general.

Hi, I replied to your email as well. I’m not in accounts, and I defer to them when it comes to resets etc on that level.

The other person who actually owns that domain opened a ticket with us too and was replied to at 8am today. You’re acting as an intermediary between us and them, which makes perfect sense from your end (he’s busy or not technical) but from ours, you could be anyone at all in the world!

It’s not the best system, trying to prove self. That said, the other person DID open a support ticket this morning, and was emailed back, so while I know you can’t access the email you apparently can log into the panel as them, and that would be the best way about it. If that’s not right, let us know, but it sure looked weird from our end.

Oh and of course we’ll complicate things because your ticket can only be handled by our security specialists and they don’t work 24/7.

I occasionally use Twitter to contact support. It has worked remarkably well for me. Try @DreamHostCare.

When you’re faced with an issue of being unable to prove you’re you, Twitter isn’t going to help :confused:

Sadly this is a messier situation.

I wanted to contact Dream Host to enquire about the possibility of using their email host service. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I´ve tried, the online “contact us” form is not working (using google chrome & windows explorer). I registered here on the forum to try and find a way to contact the company. I found the address but my email to that address was rejected. I wonder how many potential customers the company has lost as they are making it so difficult to contact them. I have all but given up. This is my last attempt at getting a response from the company.

To be blunt, if all you’re interested in is email you can get better service elsewhere for less than you would pay for the most basic dreamhost account. Dreamhost’s specialty is web hosting, not email, and there are far better email only services out there.