Desperately need help..!

I have an existing account/hosting with you…am having big problems logging into my site etc…am putting in my email address and password but keep getting refused…the accounts I have with you is…and…as a matter of urgency i need to get this resolved as i know my hosting invoice needs to be paid soon and i don’t want to lose the hosting from you…could you please respond asap to this message…i can be contacted on [HIDDEN PHONE NUMBER]…please send any emails to …obviously don’t send anything to the other emails as i can’t access them…regards…chris mooney
please…dreamhost…i have been sent an activation code…which takes me to the log in page…when i put my account/email address in the first box, then my password in the next box…it will not accept /allow me to log in…please help…??!I can’t access my dreamhost accounts to recover any details/codes…please send to my any necessary log in details…or call me on [HIDDEN PHONE NUMBER]…regards chris

Here’s a Support link you can use:

I have removed your phone number because it’s really not a good idea to leave it out there for all sorts of spammers. Also, I don’t think DreamHost tech support would be authorized to call a phone number just because someone put it on a web forum.

What sdayman suggest is the proper line of action: use or use twitter, contacting @dreamhostcare

ok your log in page is knocking me out…again…! Just because i try to log in abroad…it says when i try to log in it doesn’t recognise the IP address…! Dreamhost…your systems are becoming a big joke…! How are you suppose to run a business…on the internet…you know…world wide web…!? if you can’t access your account when you are away from home…! AND…if you are going to send an activation code… there’s no point in sending it to my dreamhost account if i can’t access it is there…? If you are going to send it to me…send it to my gmail…at least i can access this account anywhere in the world. And could you at least have the courtesy to reply to this email…looks like I am closing this dreamhost rubbish support site down and moving to a more useable, accessible, simple to use hosting site and saying bye bye to dream…(rubbish) host…!!!

ha ha ha …dreamhost…you are an absolute joke…! trying to send a message to your tech support…can’t even get past your catchpa questions…tried about 10 different ones…think your days as my web hosting are coming to an end…and a reply to my problems i have been encountering would be courteous aas well…!!!

@shearerno9 sorry to hear about your problem. What you report is strange because you have been helped once and now the issue is back… are you sure your computer doesn’t have some nasty virus that interferes with your browser? Anyway, try contacting Support at (you don’t need authentication there, and as of captcha try a different browser).

Otherwise, please consider using Twitter and tweet at @dreamhostcare

I’m closing this thread now because we can’t help you further on the public forum.