Desperately Need Help With php.ini

Greeting. The good folks at DH Support are no longer allowed to assist customers with adjusting php.ini configurations.

I am in serious need of increasing some limits in this file and would greatly appreciate it if someone would be kind enough to assist me with this. I have read the Wiki, more than once with the end result being the top of my head blew off. This is way above my pay grade.

If I can’t get some help with this I am going to have to host the site somewhere else, which I am really reluctant to do. I have been here for many, many years and am very comfortable in these environs.

This will take someone that knows what they are doing around 5 minutes and I have been told by Support that some team members lurk here in their off-time.

Any volunteers?

Cheers. - Frank

Hi Frank,
write out exactly what you are wanting to do:
Do you have shared hosting or VPS?
If you want to increase the memory limit, then how much?
Are you comfortable to ftp/sftp into your server and edit files?


Here is what I’m looking to accomplish:

Please copy the following text and send it to your Web Hosting company:
---------------- Letter to Web Hosting Tech Support ----------------------

Dear Web Hosting Support,

I need some minimum settings for my website to work. Please make sure my
php.ini file has the following settings for my domain:

upload_max_filesize is 7M… please set upload_max_filesize=64M
post_max_size is 7M… please set post_max_size=64MB
please set max_execution_time = 500

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

I am on shared hosting but I mn not adverse to migrating upwards, though I am loathe to spend more money where I can’t get help from Support on the extremely rare occasions where I actually need some help.

I am capable of using FTP and BBEdit to modify files on my server.

Thank you.



Once more question: are you using PHP 5.3 or 5.4?

5.4 - F.

Step 1: log in to your hosting account with the user your website is under. You should be able to see all of folders for your various websites. you might see a few other folders with various names like jabber, .ssh, etc.
Step 2: make a folder called .php (it needs the dot in front of the php)
Step 3: inside that folder make another folder called 5.4
Step 4: inside that folder make an empty file named phprc
Step 5: in that empty file paste the following:

memory_limit = 128M
upload_max_filesize = 64M
post_max_size = 64M
max_execution_time = 500

Step 6: save file, log out, have a drink


OK. I will give that a shot. Looks like something that I can handle.

I’m getting ready to take a break to feed the troops and then I’ll get on it.

Don’t worry if I don’t give you an update for awhile. Might have to wait until everyone is tucked in. This is ‘busy’ time.


Cheers. - Frank

Hi. I used FTP and WebFTP but all I saw were files relating to my WordPress installation. :frowning:

Cheers. - Frank

Have you tried sFTP? FTP is not very good to use for many reasons

FireFTP supports sFTP,

Greetings sierracircle,

I have attempted to gain access via sFTP without success. I’m tired of beating my head agaonst a wall to accomplish what should be a simple tasks.

I have been a DH customer for over 8 years and I can count the times that I have asked for assistance from them on one hand. There was a time when a request such as mine would have been cheerfully completed within hours, but it seems that those days are gone forever.

It’s much easier to simply host my domain elsewhere and to start the process of moving all of my domains to an ISP that is still motivated by a sincere desire to be helpful whenever possible.

I have referred many friends and clients to DH over the years, NEVER taking the $97 referral reward. Not once. I will never recommend DH again and I will also be telling my clients that if they wish me to provide continued service and support to them, then they are going to also need to migrate their accounts with me. I’d rather pay a much higher price for hosting if it comes with an attitude of cooperation.

This is absolutely ridiculous and while DH may be able to point their customers to a Wiki for just about everything, there is no Wiki for ‘good will.’

I do appreciate you effort to assist me, but bottom line - it’s not your responsibility.

I will begin moving all of my domains, today and I won’t be looking back.

Cheers. - Frank

webFTP used to have a specific problem with hidden files (that is those whose name begins with a . )

Since then they have upgraded webftp, and although it has a shiney new name pydio, that’s really just the new name for AjaxExplorer. I don’t know if there is a way to “show hidden files” with the new version. Also depending upon what client you choose to use, you may have to enable that feature (or one like it) to be able to see hidden files.

Also as sierracircle hints above, you really shouldn’t be using ftp for anything these days. In fact, it would be best practice to specifically “disallow FTP” via the dreamhost panel. Specifically the threat using FTP is your password is sent to the server in plain text, meaning its very easy for a hacker to obtain it.

Don’t assume your site is too small, too limited interest, to attract a hacker that wants to break in… they don’t care about your site or its size, they want the account to use for other things such as, but not limited to, generating spam.
FWIW, your new reply appeared while mine was sitting on the screen waiting for me to get off the phone and finish typing… =]

Greetings LakeRat,

I was not aware of the FTP issue and just went through a bout of having 6 of my sites hosted at DH being hacked and shut down because of SPAM. This is the first time anything like this has ever happened and it was NOT a pleasant experience.

As I indicated, I have already migrated the current site in question (just waiting for DNS to propagate) and their support staff edited my .htaccess to the requirements I needed within 5 minutes of making the request - exactly how it should be. No complaints, no excuses, no pointing you to a Wiki - just simply honoring a modest request for assistance. I just don’t know what has happened to DH over the past year or so - but it has been all 'down hill."

I greatly appreciate the information you provided. Now that I have cPanel access at my new ISP, life should be much easier, going forward.

Cheers. - Frank

where did you switch to?

I have actually been paying for my account there for months as I opened it because someone was going install an eCommerce suite for me and required that I have cPanel. Although I decided that I was not going to do the install I kept the account knowing that sooner or later I would need it. Additionally, I was very impressed with their support staff from day one.

The word ‘no’ so far has not shown up in their vocabulary, except in response to the question, “Would you mind helping me?” lol

Thanks, again for your attempt to assist me.

Cheers. - Frank

P.S. Mods - if mentioning a competing host violates any rules - please REMOVE.