Designing/testing w/o a domain name

Hi All!
I have an old website currently hosted with another company, but I plan to move it over to Dreamhost asap after I finish revising it. I am wanting to design and test my revised version on my Dreamhost account, but I don’t want to have to move my domain name over just yet until it’s finished. Shouldn’t I be able to go to something like in my browser window to see my new index page? When I do that, I get the error page “Site Temporarily Unavailable” (error id: “bad_httpd_conf”). Do I need to be doing something differently to work on my new site without making it public? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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Oops… I think I found my answer in another post. I tried to delete this message as a result, but it wouldn’t let me lol.
Thanks anyway!

Wiki has the answer:

Thanks Sdayman!
I appreciate your help :slight_smile: