Hi. First day on the job so sorry if I’m a broken record here.

Please, can anyone recommend a web designer? I’m a relatively new freelance writer and want to begin creating a platform to sell my wares. I’m a bit of a technical door knob presently and am unsure where to begin. searching blindly on google is like walking down the cereal aisle without knowing what you want beforehand. My needs are fairly basic right now: four or five pages, a few pictures. But later I envision expanding it to include more complex features. I need something professional yet affordable. Ideally with support of some kind. I have a domain name already. Also, I want to avoid free sites and blogger-type sites too.

Thank you.

If (as I naturally hope) you would like to allow your innate idealism to play a part in this, I hope you will consider using a web designer living in the third world. Since your needs are minimal and simple, it is entirely plausible that you can get what you want done, swiftly and efficiently, by a small honest intelligent web design outfit in Nepal, or Cambodia, or Saint Helena (population 4255 and by jove they need the work), and you will feel so good about it!

Actually I don’t know how to contact any of these people, but there ought to be a way. I just tried googling (quotes for exact phrase) “third world web designers cooperative” and it didn’t come up with anything, but more specific phrases such as “Nepali web designers” do come up with possibilities. Be brave!

Tomtavoy, honestly, your reply wasn’t much help at all but it was cuter than my post in a superior sort of way (in spite of the fact that you typed ‘by jove’). I know I’m new, perhaps naive, but as I live in Thailand I find your your response ridiculous. My question is simple really.