Design vs SEO

What is the most important? Design or SEO? What should I do first?

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Design. If users (and crawlers) can’t access your site easily, what is the point of having a website.

After that, content.

SEO always comes last, if at all. A lot of the “SEO services” company are just selling snake oil.

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Design and SEO are closely related and both are important. You have two options with design - hire a designer or setup a template. I like the second option and often use it. It’s easy and cheap, here is awesome wordpress portfolio themes. As for SEO, you should do everything more carefully. Read more useful information and it’ll help you understand everything.

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Thanks a lot

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boom, i would give around 3 for design and 2 for SEO, even though it doesnt look so good to have SEO, but you know, some advice from other people would be good than doing something weird by yourself :wink:

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I think both of them are important.

When it comes to design, you don’t need to be perfectionism. As long as your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, then you won’t encounter any problem. Sometimes, simplicity is more.

As for the SEO, it depends on you who will do these stuff in your site. SEO is important so that your website is visible to any search engines after a certain keyword is typed.

It’s either you do the job (but it requires your dedication and time) or you let experts to do it for you. Try seodataservice website and see if you can find there what you are looking for.

Basic rule is you conduct first your research and focus on what matters most. :slight_smile:

These opinion-type questions really attract some spammy responses. StackExchange would put the kibosh on them.

As per my suggestion both “Web Design” and “SEO” are important. Because, web design will shows the website “Look n Feel” to attract users and “SEO” was used to your website is visible to any search engines after a certain keyword is typed.


alaways design part come 1st
i agree Your comment,haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Hey there! Apparently, both are important. But design of website must be the first important aspect you should consider. Make sure your website is intuitive and easy enough to use. Then, there comes content, it mudt be unique to drive traffic to your website. For example, a user crawls through your website, what he reads must be enticing enough to make hi stay over your page and make sure he crawls through all your inner pages too. Then, come SEO. Without proper SEO techniques, one can’t make website or page popular enough to get indexed by Google. Use both on page and off page SEO techniques. For more information about SEO, visit- and get to know more about SEO and design of a website.

Depends on your aims. If you want to provide user-friendly website, then design. If you want to have a higher ranking in Google and hence having more visitors, then definitely SEO. Of course, SEO requires a lot of time, efforts and investment. You may short-cut some of the processes, but not all of them. For example, you can start by getting a domain name that already has a long age, which google values. Chances are (unless if it was used for spam) it already has many backlinks, so you’ll have an advantage there, cuz links can be rather expensive sometimes, and then Google can ban you if it sees you’re buying them. Question is, how to find such a domain? Quite hard, actually. You can check some good names already that will suit your business and see if the domain is paraked. Or you can use services such as alldomainsdb [Admin:edited clickable link] that have already a lot of domains information and can help you out, but I assume this can be rather expensive, haven’t done it myself.
Either way, good luck! :slight_smile:

OK, let’s close this thread as it’s never going to go anywhere useful: the original question is too open-ended.

For me design is the most important thing whenever I visit someone’s website. People dont really care on which ranking you are but as long as you have nice design they will contact you :smiley:

Both are necessary.

Design is important for users. Its like GUI (Graphical User Interface).

SEO is necessary for search engine to rank website.

I think you should first Design keeping in mind SEO.