Deployment tutorial/ trunk folder


i’m follwing this tutorial and i have the following problem with it:

in step 2.2. theres a trunk-folder in the svn command.
when executing the command i get a “url doenst exist” error.

so i thought i’d add the folder manually.
what irritates me here is the following:

to install a repository you need a subdomain. i named it (i have no “real domain” connected yet). the i created a repository in . when i go there it says revision 0. so its ok. But it seems that the actual repository is NOT located at but at ~/svn/gd ! when i now add the trunk-folder there it wont work. can someone help me with that? i really want to add the trunk folder for this is subversion convention and it would make the above svn command work. so what can i do?

tnx and regards, fusi