Deploying java application

Hi, I am evaluating dreamhost and it seems to rock, I wonder if there are any known issues on making a java web applications running from dreamhost.
I think that there should be no problem, with the shell access I should install my JVM (even more than one, if needed) and then run an app-server and it’s done.

Am I right?


What plan are you on and do you have PS service? One big problem you may have is that I don’t know of any java web servers that don’t run as servers. For instance, Tomcat will run as a server and listen on port 8080 (typically).

If you’re running a PS or dedicated server, you have a lot more options, obviously.

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Ehm… I do not even know what you referr with PS service… :slight_smile:

Anyway, I plan to run a tomcat or more probably a jetty server, but it is not needed that they run as services, I can just run them embedded in my application so they are like a normal app, just they answer on a port, 8080 as default. There is also options to make them run in pair with a standard httpd like apache so that they answer on standard 80 port. I think I can configure my instance of apache httpd, am I right?

You can’t configure your instance of apache, but you CAN purchase a DreamHost PS (Private Server) for about $15/month more (probably $30/month in your case) and run whatever applications/servers you want within it. Otherwise, in a standard DreamHost account, persistent processes such as those you’re referring to are not allowed. More over, active listening services on any port other than those provided are disallowed as well. It might do you some good to read over DreamHost’s TOS, located on their homepage :wink:

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Here’s a link to the DreamHost PS service that Mousee and I are referring to.

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