Deploy an ruby on rails app


i am quite a noob, in rails , web developpement and deploying web site.

I have folowed this tutorial step by step :

. I have set up the root routes (it works)

, but when i want to see the form created by rails to submit one post, i have gote the 500 error page and i don’t understand…

Is this a database problem? but when i run the rake db:create and rake db:migrate, nothing un-normal hapened.

If you have somme help for a noob ^^

thank you

If you’re getting a red screen with “We’re sorry but something went wrong” message, then that’s rails complaining and not apache (the web server) or something else.

This might be a stupid question, but did you do “rake db:migrate”?

If you look in the application’s ‘logs’ directory, you should see a file called “production.log”. From the command line of your webserver do “tail -f production.log” and then use your browser to make the error happen. You can see in real time what is going on with your application, and if you scroll through that log you should see the complaint.

My guess is that you don’t have the tables set up correctly in the database, which db:migrate should fix.

thanks for your answer . I have made rake db:migrate, but i will go through the production log,[hr]
your were right something goes wrong with the database. I 'll fix it. Thx a lot