Denying access to folders

I’m trying to deny access to certain folders. I’ve tried it using the Htaccess/WebDAV option in the control panel, but it seems to block access to the files even when they are called from my site, even though its set not to.

I’ve tried htaccess but it gives 500 Internal Server errors. I’ve either got the code wrong, or it doesn’t work here.

[quote]<Directory ~ “(^|/)(cache|email_files|donations)(/|$)”>
Order Deny,Allow
Deny from All
Anyone know how to either get the htaccess working or another way round it

Once you’ve blocked access to a folder, a user will need a password to access anything in it. Putting a blank index.html file in that directory would be your best bet. That stops people from browsing that directory. Permitting access based upon a site call is weak, as someone can forge the referrer and gain access to the file.


i’m simply trying to do what i did with some files. I used htaccess to make it so that if a user went to a certain file they got a 403 error, but the website uses it fine with include/require. I’m trying to do the same thing but with directories

Are you able to create your own .htaccess within DH WebDAV? How??
–at it seems impossible by my my section/issue