Deltacopy help

hello, I am trying to setup deltacopy with my dreamhost site. Here are my settings names changed to something generic.

Virtual Directory: /
under options ssh is checked
Additional Parameters:
-e “ssh -l joesmith -i sshkey”

here is what the run command puts out.
Executing: rsync.exe -v -rlt -z --delete -e “ssh -l joesmith -i sshkey” “/cygdrive/C/Documents and Settings/Joe/My Documents/user.ltx” " Documents/user.ltx"

Have you seen the DeltaCopy page in the DreamHost wiki?

–DreamHost Tech Support

yes, I have.

DeltaCopy can be temperamental :s

When changing values in the GUI, click on other control Tabs before testing.


servername: [color=#00CC00][/color]
virtual directory: [color=#CC0000]path_that_exists[/color] (sans-trailing slash)
ssh: checked
add.params: -e “ssh -l [color=#6600CC]joesmith[/color] -i sshkey”

Correct run line:

rsync.exe -v -rlt -z -u --delete -e “ssh -l [color=#6600CC]joesmith[/color] -i sshkey” “/cygdrive/C/myuploads/” “[color=#00CC00][/color]:[color=#0000CC]path_that_exists[/color]/myuploads/”

(i.e.) Target Base: /home/user/[color=#0000CC]path_that_exists[/color]/

If you want to dump stuff directly into a user root, exchange:

virtual directory: [color=#0000CC]/home/joesmith[/color]

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