Deletion of Support Requests?

Last night I posted two requests to technical support using the “Contact Support” tool on the control panel. The requests were submitted and got tracking numbers. I checked today and they were simply gone - not in the queue, no response, etc. Is this a system bug that support requests can be vaporized, or did I have to do something incredibly stupid for that to happen?

My requests involved the fact the images don’t show up in the webpages I posted yesterday to some new domains. They same files on my main web site ( show up fine, but in newly added domains, all I get is the formatted text without the graphics. Is there something I have to do to turn on graphics? Yes, the images are there, in the same directory as the html file, and are being called correctly. And the images do display if I enter the full URL for the image in IE instead of the URL for the html file.

I imagine the support system was under a very heavy load last night, due to the planned outage and subsequent router problems. It is possible that this load exposed a few problems.

If you don’t hear back on the requests soon, maybe try lodging them again.

That does sound strange, I can’t recall having experienced anything similar. Are you sure it is not something simple like the capitalization of the file names etc.? Remember, under Linux SomeFile.jpg is considered to be a different file to somefile.jpg

Perhaps you could post a URL, someone may be able to spot the error (if there is one).


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I had the same problem with my site. I saw text and not images. What I (easily) noticed is that it wasn’t an image problem, but a css problem. If you watch your websites do you see everything OK apart from the missing images? If you see everything written in plain text and formatted to the left, it means you had my same problem.
Wich in turn means that it was a problem due to the outage/router thing.

To be sure about the CSS thing you should try with Firefox (and Web Developer plugin) and press CTRL+SHIFT+S to see how a site looks without CSS.

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check the permissions on all the files

[quote]I checked today and they were simply gone - not in the queue, no response, etc. Is this a system bug that


Disappearing support requests have been reported before. DH Staff said they don’t just delete them, so it could be a bug… Did you get the cc email? If so, you could use that to support a bug report.

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There was some discussion on the Dreamhost IRC channel that indicates they may have inadvertently “lost” part of the tech support request queue. I suggest re-submitting if you don’t see the request in your history.

I don’t believe DH would ever intentionally delete them. but these machines, and the programs that run them, can (and do) screw up on occasion.