Deleting wordpress, when it deletes my entire domain

I’ve already sent in a help ticket for this but haven’t got a response, so I’m here hoping that someone can possibly help…

I had been getting too many emails about my wordpress installations needing to be updated, and being as many were old and not in use, I decided it was time to delete those. So I go into my dreamhost web management and go to the one-click installs page, then to manage my applications. One of the wordpress installations was in my base directory (listed as “/”). Thought it would be fine since I no longer use that wordpress installation. Well, it deleted the wordpress installation there, as well as EVERYTHING in my base directory for my domain. This does not make any sense to me as to why it would delete every file in the folder, even non-wordpress files and subfolders.

Immediately, I try to do a domain restore. Trying every restore option, it tells me there are “no available backups”. Feeling very distraught at the moment because I have a very minimal backup of the site to my computer.

What I really want to know is why would it have deleted everything when it was only supposed to uninstall a wordpress installation??? And will dreamhost tech support be able to restore my site if I request a call back in a help ticket?

We might be able to restore from backup. If we have one. We will do our best to find one, but we don’t always have the right backups of your site.

So why did WP delete your domain?

That’s why :frowning: You told the one-click ‘Everything in / can go’ and that’s your whole site. Were you using WP to run your website, or did you have other subfolders in there for other apps/html?

Support was able to restore my site from a backup and everything is working again.

As to the one-click deleting everything in that directory…
The problem is that it is confusing. Everything I was attempting to manage was listed under wordpress, so I assumed it was just wordpress that I was deleting. It shouldn’t be that easy to accidently delete your entire site (not just the app installation) from a backend one-click application manager.

When you clicked the “delete” button, you should have gotten a popup asking you:

I’m not trying to say we tried to warn you about this, but… er… we tried to warn you about this! If there’s some way we can improve the way we let you know about this, though, can you let us know?

You’re entirely right! I’m going to raise a bug ticket to see if we can change that to just delete the WP files, or have a warning “This will erase everything in /…” at the very least.

That sounds like a great idea! Things can be challenging enough without losing everything.

Looping back. The engineers pointed out that the warning is there already. I tested it and they’re right, it says in big bold letters that this will wipe out everything in that folder :frowning:

At least it is great that DH backups our sites :stuck_out_tongue:

We do, but you should always make your own backups :slight_smile: We may not have the files you need, depending on when we took the backup.

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