Deleting user accounts

Hello. OK, so I created a user account using the control panel but I needed to delete it. I deleted the account form the control panel…but the account folder still exists under /home on my server…

Problem is, I now want to re-instate the deleted account, but this is prevented as cp claims the account name is in use. Probably because it has not been completley deleted on the server? Its not a huge issue for me, but I am curious as to whether I can remove all traces of the account and start again…

Is it possible to remove the account completley?

Also, under the unix groups tab on CP, the deleted account name still appears alongside the default user group. Is is possible to clean this up, ie remove the user from the group?

Can anyone advise?

This is the only query I have over the functionality of the CP. The CP is, well, a dream!

Regards to all,

You’ll probably have to submit a support ticket and have them clean it up for you.

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Seiler may be correct about requiring support’s help in “clearing” the user, but I have found that on some occasions it just “takes a while” for a user deletion to be reflected across the system. The DH Control Panel is a fairly monstrous chunk of perl code, and certan processes are run at certain times. I’m not sure how the system “schedules” certain changes, but some processes only run once a day (stats, quota, etc.)

Some things that one might think would be instantaneous take from between a few minutes to several hours to actually happen. In my experience, setting up email addresses and getting users’ rights established througout the system seem to fall into this catagory .

If you are not in a real hurry, I’d suggest waiting up to a day to see if that “user” becomes “cleanly” deleted and becomes available to be created once again before joining the support queue. Of course, YMMV and support is there to tweak it manually for you if needed; just know that it could resolve itself before you get a tech support response.

The Dreamhost Control Panel is nice, isn’t it? :slight_smile: