Deleting trackbacks in wordpress

Hi, can anyone tell me the easiest way to delete unwanted spam trackbacks in wordpress…



I hope I am not bumping too soon, it’s only been a little over 4 hours.

If I can’t easily delete trackbacks…is there a way to disable them?

I am asking because they seem to be appearing all over my blog with spam and it’s quite annoying.

Aren’t trackbacks basically stored as a comment, you should be able to delete them under manage comments.

Set up akismet (comes with wordpress just sign up to to get an api key) or Spam Karma

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I like Spam Karma. I basically just use the default settings and haven’t had any spam get past it, whether they’re leaving a comment or a fake trackback.

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about the “Aren’t trackbacks basically stored as a comment”

wow…yes…I overlooked a part of that. when I initally googled the question, it said to go to manage, then comments…now that i rechecked…you don’t go to manage, then comments…duh, there is a comments section of its own…

thanks everyone…the spam has been removed.