Deleting subdomains

I tried to delete a subdomain two days ago, and I still have not been able to re-add it because it tells me that it already exists. I’ve been told it can take up to 20 hours, but it’s already been twice that long.

How long can it take before I can re-add the domain?

Does it still exist under manage domains?
Sometimes the DNS records are deleted but the physical folder stays in your account. Have a look with an FTP client and see if it has gone. If it is there delete the folder i.e. delete However if it still contains a log folder you will not be able to delete the subdomain folder because the log folder belongs to root.

If you still are unable to add your domain then send in a support request. It may just have been caused by some recent fileserver problems and is still in the queue.


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No, the folder is gone. It was originally hosted with a separate user, and I deleted the user after deleting the folder. I was finally able to re-add the user this morning, but the subdomain still seems to be on the server somehow.

But thanks, I’ll submit a help ticket then.