Deleting files


Hi All,
My name is Clark and I’m new here. I’m trying to clean up an old site and am unable to delete all of the files. I’m using Cute FTP Pro and am getting an error… insufficient rights or folders not empty. I believe that I have full permissions “777” and the folders are empty unless there are hidden files. I believe that I changed the properties/view in Cute FTP but can’t find how to do it within Dreamhost. I found “adding filters to the list command” in Cute FTP to set the "RemoteSiteFilter but can’t find how to apply it :o( Any thoughts or suggestions would be REALLY appreciated :o)


I think you are trying to delete a folder.

If you use FTP client, a folder must be empty to be deleted. I’ll suggest you to login via SSH and use command “rm -rf foldername” to delete folders.

Note: The command will delete all the files inside the folder.

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Hi, Thanks for your reply. Yes, I’m trying to delete a root folder and all of it’s sub-folders, and I think they are all empty. That’s why I thought there might be “hidden” files lurking. I’d be glad to try what you have suggested, but I don’t know how to login that way. Looks like it gets me to some sort of command line…? Can you guide me or recommend where I might do some reading please? Thanks!


This might help get you started with basic shell commands.


Thank you. One other thing please… how do I log into SSH so I can enter the commands?


There is a really good guide to logging into the shell via ssh on the DreamHost Wiki:

Make sure you read through the material linked there as well, including the link to enabling shell access for your user. :wink:



If you’re really shell-paranoid, shell commands can be entered via cronjob in the panel. Something like:
/bin/rm -rf ~/

And give it a custom setting to run every 10 minutes. And within 10 minutes, the folder can be gone and you can delete the cronjob.

And be very careful with rm -rf because it’ll wipe out whatever you tell it to. Even if you tell it to wipe out the wrong folder. Or your entire folder if you so specify (accidentally).