Deleting Databases


I have a few questions about deleting a database from the control panel.

  1. When I delete a database from my cp, why does the db still show up when i log into phpmyadmin?

  2. Why am I unable to create a db from the phpmyadmin interface?

Thanks for your help in advance.

I’m not 100% sure, Kareem, but I think that the actual deletion is “batched” during an update, and that the database may only be actually deleted some time after you delete it in the Control Panel.

The way DreamHost is set up, you can only create databases from within the control panel. You cannot do it from phpMyAdmin, or from the command line in the shell. I am not sure why DreamHost did it that way, but it is by design, so nothing is “wrong” that you can’t do it.

It could be because, in years past (a long time ago), DreamHost made MySQL databases an “extra” service, with an extra charge, and they used the Control Panel to control access to database creation.


  1. I think that it has to to with the way MySQL handles user permissions. If you where to create databases from PHPMyAdmin, you would also be able to alter databases owned by other users.

I have another problem related to deleting databases…

It says that I must go to the command line and post the information about the database…

How do I do to the command line?

I don’t know how do I go to the command line… can you help me?

Not long ago deleting from the panel also deleted from phpMyAdmin for me, but quite working. I put in a support request about it a couple of weeks ago and have been going back and forth with them troubleshooing various db related issues.

The last word from Justin (VERY helpful fellow) was “I will keep after the admins to check on this issue and get it fixed up”.

In the meantime, you can go to your db user in the panel and input your home ip address to allow it to connect directly through the MySQL Administrator software (downloadable from a link I found in the ever so awesome Dreamhost Wiki), log in and go to Catalogs at the lower left, select a db, right click and delete from there.

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“How do I do to the command line?”

I don’t know either, but there is a lot of info about it in the Dreamhost Wiki.

What context are you getting this message in?

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” - Mark Twain