Deleting button in Remixer?

So, a really simple question: the hero “chords” in Remixer have buttons. How do I delete the buttons? Or if I can’t, is there another chord which allows me to have a background image without a chord?

Remixer, each Chord has its limits. Some Chords will allow you to remove a TEXT box and/or BUTTON others will not. It’s a lot like the Hero picture, I can not get the image resized correctly

** Side Note, Remixer needs to be labeled as BETA not NEW. =)

One of the design principles of Remixer is to be a simple tool to publish good looking web pages. It never aimed to be feature rich or allow for a very high degree of creative freedom. If you need creative freedom, there are other tools you can use, which require more training and expertise.

The tool is out of beta because it’s feature complete and stable for public use. It is constantly being improved based on customer feedback though. If you have issues, please publish screenshots and screencasts on the forum and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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