Deleting a user and buckets in DreamObjects

I think I frakked things up a bit for myself while playing around with buckets.

I was having trouble deleting buckets, so I deleted a user, which got rid of all the buckets…okay.

Now, If I try to re-create a user, or a bucket from one of those previous users, I am unable to, and it tells me that user or bucket exists.

Is there a purging of these no-longer-used names? Does DreamHost keep those around for a certain amount of time in case someone accidentally deletes data?

Also, I wonder why I have so much trouble deleting buckets…DreamObjects keeps telling me that a bucket is not empty, even if it is empty.

after more tinkering, it looks like ownCloud puts a hidden file into a newly created bucket. You have to delete that in order to delete the bucket.
When in panel, viewing items in a bucket, you cannot see a name, but an object is there…clicking on it and removing it will then allow you to delete that bucket.

Thanks for the tip, I wasn’t aware of that. I just looked at my bucket I’m using for ownCloud and I see the “dot file” at the top of the list.

As for DreamObjects users and buckets, those are currently kept as in-use for the DreamObjects namespace even when they’re deleted.

Do deleted user and bucket names ever become available again at a later date? It would seem that as time goes by, it’d be even more difficult to create buckets and users due the dwindling number of possible names.

All deleted bucket names and users are reusable after about a week or so for garbage collection to process and run.