Deleting a theme folder in ftp - in over my head

I have a successful Wordpress site with a theme that suddenly quit working right and the designer said there was an update for it. So I tried to install the update and got the message:

“destination folder already exists… install failed”

A Wordpress thread dealing with that issue recommended going through ftp to delete the theme folder. So I tried to do that but keep getting an error message, however suddenly my site shows up in the default wordpress TwentyTwelve theme (yuck) AND it still gives me the same message when I try to upload the updated theme.

Okay, since the theme folder wouldn’t delete, I just re-named it and then I was able to install successfully, sorry.

If you have Twenty Twelve showing up, then you mostly got the folder deleted. The files are missing, and WP sees that so it fails over to the default one :slight_smile:

If you’d like, tell me which domain and theme this is, and I can take a look for you, to see what’s stopping you from deleting? Or if you want to say what the error is that you get on delete, we may know :slight_smile:

hi, thanks, I think I worked around it by re-naming the theme folder.

The message I got when I tried to delete the (spectrum) folder only appeared on my screen for a few seconds, something about the folder not being empty?

Well, it’s still there but under a different name. Thanks.

Some FTP apps are a little tetchier than others about that. You should have a setting that allows you to delete non-empty folders. Which FTP app was it?