Deleting a .php - how do I?

I’ve been beating my head against this for a couple of days now. I’m sure it’s something simple, but I’m not seeing it. I’m recovering from knee surgery and in a bit of a fog, which I’m sure is NOT helping! :slight_smile:

I’m trying to delete a WP installation on a domain I’m setting up. I keep getting hung up on the advanced-cache.php file. I can’t delete it in my FTP…and because of that I can’t clear all of the files from the domain so I can reinstall WP.

Am I missing something that’s obvious?


As an interim measure, you can always rename the whole directory and then create a new one.

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I have tried that…but, when i try to re-install WP it complains that the directory isn’t empty and won’t install.

But thank you for the suggestion!

If you have renamed the directory as lensman suggested, and are still having it reported that the directory into which you are trying to install WordPress via a “one-click” is not empty, it may be that you are trying to install WordPress in a directory above the one you renamed,

Also, what FTP client are you using, and have you enabled it to display hidden files?