Deleting a domain

Both myself and a friend use dreamhost and we’ve decided to migrate one of our joint ventures across to my webspace.
He’s already deleted the domain from his control panel but I still can’t add it to mine… I get a permission denied error.

How long do you normally have to wait before I will be able to add it?

You have to ask Support to do this. And you won’t be able to transfer if you bought your account with a discount code. This prevents people from moving from one discount plan to the next.


No problem, that’s all I needed to know.
The domain was purchased from another provider and DNS is hosted elsewhere too, so it was just the hosting information that we want to transfer.

Thanks for the help.

If you explain to Support the precise details of why you want to transfer that particular site between hosting accounts I think you’ll find they’ll be more willing to accept your request.

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