Deleteing One-Click Installs

Yeah i was just wondering… how do i delete one-click installs from my account… My FTP client wont let me, and niether will my browser… so how do i do it?

you should be able to use your FTP client to delete the directory you installed the one-click-install in.

You probably need to find the settings in you FTP client to delete directories, or full directories, somthing along thoes lines.

If this doesn’t work, then please explane what error you are running into when you try and delete using you FTP client.

I reccomend Filezilla as a FTP client, works well, is dependable, and is opensource.


Maybe it’s because .htaccess files. Some ftp clients doesn’t read this files, and they can not delete it, so the directory is not empty and…

No Setup Programs (in spannish, yes… I’m from Spain)