Deleteing .htaccess

I looked at the root of my account and found an entry that lists a domain name I no longer have registered. Under that domain name there is one images file containing two .htaccess files
I tried to delete that domain name and the files from my root listing and I get a message that reads that .htaccess cannot be deleted.

How can I delete those files from my root directory?

It could be that the write permission isn’t set. What are you using to look at the files? WebFTP, or something else? Use it to check permissions and ownership. If you’re still listed as Owner, then set the permissions to 644 (Owner Write permission) and then delete.


I did use WebFTP. I do not know how to use WebFTP to check permissions and ownership. Can you give me more explicit directions of how that is done?

It is great to check the forum for problem solving. Was working on a WP 3.0 site and subsites. teaching mah-self the ropes. One installation went flawlessly (well almost8-)) ) and another fresh install on another domain did not work.

After checking around with Transmit 4 I found I could not edit the .htaccess file. Beats me were things went differently, but anyway. I set the permissions to 644 and presto! My subsites popped up and no more 404’s!
Thanks Scott, great to have you around!