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Hello, I am working on a church website but the old developer deleted the WordPress inside dream host. And now I want to renew it. He even moved the domain somewhere else. I can still access to the dream host account but the website is gone. I have an access to the domain provided by the church admin I am working on. Is there’s a way to retrieve the database of the deleted website? Please help because as far as I know, the website is almost complete. I don’t like to start from the beginning. please help and give suggestions.

You could contact DH support via the Panel to see if backups are available.

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I tried a lot of time to send an email but I believe it’s not working, the button was gray so means it is not possible to send an email. Is it possible to pay the hosting and bring back the domain to dh to be able to retrieve the backup? Thank you for your help

The Panel support page allows you to submit a ticket or live chat. The “Submit Ticket” and “Chat” buttons will be deactivated (gray) until all fields (topic, domain, expertise, subject, description) have been filled.

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Assuming the last dev didn’t manually drop all tables and then delete the database then it might still be available from within your DH Panel.

Panel → More → MySQL Databases

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