Deleted Users

Hey Everyone,

I have another dumb question. I currently have two users, one I created with a custom name (we’ll call it person-a) and one that I created on accident (m1234567). I want to delete the m1234567, and attempted to yesterday, but it still appears in my profile. Now, there were two others that were deleted at the same time, and they were removed, but this one wasn’t.

It’s not my default User, so why won’t it go away? Help! :slight_smile:


m1234567 is a mailbox, you should go to the panel > mail > addresses and remove it from there.

hopefully that’ll fix yer wagon.


I also have a user m1234567 (other number)

I see it in Disk Usage. In sumarry, I see I have 3 users (I only have 2)

I don’t see it under Users nor in Mail.
So I can’t do anything other than seeing it.