Deleted user - now can't restore files

I was working on a customer’s website, and was about to transfer the work to another developer. So, I went into “manage domains” and set the FTP user / CGI-runs-as user for the domain to the username of the customer/site owner (I was logged in as the site owner, not with my username). Then, to clean their account up, I deleted my username from their account from the “users” section of the web panel.


Now ALL of the work I had done for this customer under the domain in question is gone. There are no longer any files in the domain directory at all. I had thought that changing the permissions to the account owner’s user would have protected this from happening, but apparently not. I’ve tried looking into the hidden .snapshot directory, but all of the hourly and weekly backup folders give me a “permission denied” error.

Is there any way to restore the entire domain to the way it was yesterday? The database appears to be fine, it’s just all of the files in the domain directory that I need to restore.

If you can, check the /home directory belonging to the username to which you transfered the domain to. I believe, key word here, files and all would have been copied over when the domain was transfered. I suppose as a last resort, you can always submit a support ticket so DH can go into the hidden .snapshot directory and copy the files over to another username. Just let them know you borked the account and they’ll fix you right up.

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