Deleted Subdomain Remains Visible in FTP


I have three domains and three subdomains. Last week, I was hacked and ran into some problems with one of the subdomains. Using FTP, I deleted all data from the sub and went to the CPanel at DH, deleting the subdomain entirely from there.

Three days later, the subdomain is once again listed when I FTP. Additionally, I have an .old file of my primary domain in the root folder that I attempted to delete – it disappeared once the files were gone, but the next time I logged into FTP, there it was with all files intact.

Is there any way to delete these folders from my main directory? Granted, they’re not doing anything but taking up space, but I’m sort of anal-retentive and what 'em gone…


Delete them via FTP.

[]You should use SFTP instead of FTP for security.
]Dreamhost doesn’t use “CPanel”
[*]When you delete a domain or sub-domain in the dreamhost panel, it does NOT delete the files on the server associated with that domain or sub-domain, you must do that yourself via the shell, SFTP or ftp.

Understanding the last point, do you think the files re-appeared, or were never deleted because deleting a domain in the panel does not delete its directory on the server?


Thanks for your response!

[] Thanks for the heads up on SFTP - I’ve changed to that format.
] DH CPanel - Gotcha. I meant Control Panel, and being a newb hadn’t realized what CPanel truly referred to.

[*] I’m not certain what the deal is (learning as I go.) I’ve attempted to delete twice now, once again last night. This morning, it’s smugly sitting there in all its glory.

On the up side, the subdomain I dumped three days ago has finally disappeared. It could have been lag time as DH got around to removing the folder from the server.


Happened just to me…

A few weeks ago I deleted .old files and unused domains from the root via FTP. Everything looked fine over the last few weeks, until this morning. They are all back again. Weird! Especially as one of the domains was hacked, and had a plugin compromised. I thought I got rid of this, but it’s back again.

How can I delete unnecessary files really permanently??