Deleted site


I think i did something very bad
The i deleted the username “ziggurathss” and now i see the site is gone

Also where is the chat function gone?

thank you

Chat is only turned on when Support has a light enough workload and is in the office. I hope you submitted a Support ticket. I don’t see a way to undo a deleted user. That only seems to work with databases.

well i think i fixed it myself but dont ask me how.
I made a new username.
i have the site here on a extern partition.
So new name, new pass and now it seems to upload as i can see.
so problem gone. i think
Can you please check my site and give me advize please?
Also why cant i post my site on the site of the month topic?


It appears that you have set your site to be fully Google hosted, which would use the Google site builder. It should be Fully Hosted here, with the Google Apps features turned off, unless you want to use Gmail for your site.

I don’t know which Site of the Month topic to which you refer, but if it’s the one in the panel, I can’t submit a site, either.