Deleted procmail - Emails still dumped

I recently set up a procmail routine which was intended to send a copy of emails which were to a certain email address to a php app and send the original to /dev/null, deleting it. This resulted in ALL emails to the account being sent to /dev/null, so I can no longer receive email. As soon as I found out this was happening, I deleted the .procmailrc and .forward.postfix files from the root, along with the copies in the Maildir. All emails are still being deleted at the moment though, about 3 hours after I deleted the files. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I’d like to get this resolved quicker than the 24-hour turnover involved in contacting support.

Aaron Heinrich

Wasn’t such a good idea to delete the .procmailrc and files, should have just edited out the bad parts instead…

create another user (FTP/shell) and copy his fresh .procmailrc etc if you didnt make a backup

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If you removed those files, I doubt that’s the problem. Did / do you have procmail logging enabled?

If you send a support request w/ ATTN: William in the subject, I’ll try to take a quick look at it.

Note that if you use procmail to pipe something to an app, you don’t need to specifically delete the “original” - just make sure to use :0: or :0 (depending on whether a lockfile is needed) instead of :0c.